What Exactly We Plan To Do

Lauderdale Transformed achieves:

- a modern ‘state of the art’ learning centre to replace the small out of date workshop

- a glass-roofed Atrium inspired by the Tudor courtyard providing a central reception and second entrance enabling us to run more than one event at a time

- more performances, classes and events

- modern and effective lighting and sound proofing

- new heritage tours of the building for everyone

- a new heritage learning programme for young people

- appointment of a Heritage Education Officer

- conservation of the historic features, eg. Nell Gwynn’s Bath

- new electrical and mechanical services - more efficient, greener and less costly

- freshly decorating the whole House including the cafe

- wheelchair access from the front & the park; & to the first floor

- more and improved toilets, baby change facility and disabled WC

We have called our project Lauderdale Transformed, as by the end we will have transformed the building and our programme. To view architects' images of how the House will appear after the works, click on the downoad below.

Your donation will also be an essential contribution to the costs of keeping the organisation running during the build.