Community Programme

Engaging young people in the heritage of Lauderdale

Our community programme engages local young people in the heritage of the House. We have delivered a pilot project with our long-term partner Castlehaven Community Centre and are expanding the programme to collaborate with other youth groups across Camden.

Specialist artists, historians, educators, and/or designers from a range of disciplines, involve young people in their own heritage and increase their skills. We engage their interest by using art forms (spoken word, photography, dance, urban culture, traditional storytelling, etc.) which are relevant to different generations to tell those stories. We draw parallels between the history around the House and the history of the participants’ own areas, and between different cultures throughout history.

To find out more about our work with young people, or if you are a young person who would like to participate in one of our projects, please contact Maddy Gilliam, Heritage Education Officer,

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