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Lauderdale House

The Meritus Collective


Artists in Residence - The Meritus Collective

Tuesday 5 December

The Meritus Collective was established to bring together musicians of all instruments who shared a passion for chamber music and to provide platforms from which to perform. Members have mostly trained at the major conservatoires in Britain and between them have performed as parts of chamber groups all around the world and for orchestras including the London Symphony and Royal Philharmonia Orchestra.

Meritus was the pseudonym of Felix Mendelssohn given to the young composer by Robert Schumann. It translates roughly as ‘happy through merit’ which is an inspiring yet effective byword for this young and dynamic group of musicians who will be bringing a varied and exciting set of programmes to Lauderdale House during the course of the year.


For the final concert of the season at Lauderdale House, The Meritus Collective will be performing Felix Mendelssohn's first piano trio and is recognized as one of his greatest chamber works with the likes of Schumann declaing Mendelssohn as "the Mozart of the nineteenth century, the most illuminating of musicians" upon reviewing the piece himself.

The trio consists of four movements;

Molto allegro ed agitato (D minor)

Andante con moto tranquillo (B-flat major)

Scherzo: Leggiero e vivace (D major)

Finale: Allegro assai appassionato (D minor, ending in D major)


Piano: John Cuthbert

Cello: James Greenfield

Violin: Jade Cuthbert


The concert will take place in the Long Gallery performed on our newly refurbished 9ft Erard kindly provied by Markson Pianos, one of the most respected piano specialists in Great Britain  www.marksonpianos.com

Time: 13:15

Venue: Lauderdale House


Price band A B

Email: enquiries@lauderdale.org.uk