Photography change

photography change with fresh youth academy

Photographing change

With FRESH Youth Academy

Over the Summer and Autumn 2017 a group of young people attended FRESH Youth Academy for a partnership project with Lauderdale House. The project used photography to explore the local area and the changes that have taken place and continue to take place.

There is a planned redevelopment of the youth centre next year and the young people felt it was important to document the building as it is today for the future. As Lauderdale House has recently gone through a massive change itself, and has a history of change over the centuries, we thought there were some interesting parallels.  

As the young people explored their local area, they discovered that many parts of the borough of Camden have also been through periods of redevelopment. However, key buildings or features still remain.

The photographs taken during the project, as well as archive photos that inspired them, are currently on display in the Courtyard at Lauderdale House until mid November 2017.

For more info email Maddy Gilliam at or call her on 020 8348 8716.