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Lauderdale House

Lauderdale Guitar Society

Lauderdale Guitar Society is an informal group of players of the instrument, mostly classical but not exclusively so. They enjoy playing for, sometimes playing in ensemble with and listening to like-minded people.

It is open to anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity or abilty with the slightest interest in guitar. Some members don't play the guitar, some play another instrument or sing and enjoy duets with guitar accompaniment. They have members who are keen regulars and those who come when they are able or feel motivated to attend.

There is no set agenda for each meeting. The Society always has been and continues to be run with a kind of anarchic pragmatism. Generally, by invitation and/or agreement, each member or visitor plays a piece or a few pieces in turn. If someone does not wish to play there is no pressure and there are people who come regularly just to listen.

Although this usual format of the monthly meetings is a platform for performance, there are times when someone comes along with a new arrangement for a guitar ensemble and the members read it through together. There is room for flexibilty and spontaneity.

First visit is free then £6.00 per month

For more information contact - Dennis Cooke on 020 8458 8113 or by email denniscooke.guitarist@gmail.com

Further dates:

13 December

10 January 2018

14 February

14 March

Venue: Lauderdale House

First class free then £6.00 per month

Price band A B

Ages Open to all ages

to book

Box office: 0208 458 8113

Email: denniscooke.guitarist@gmail.com

Website: www.lauderdaleguitarsociety.org