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Lauderdale House
photo of Lauderedale volunteers

Antonia's experience of volunteering at Lauderdale

‘I’m a freelance writer and editor by trade and I joined the Lauderdale voluntary corps in March 2009. My work can be erratic and in a bid to stave off cabin fever (I frequently work at home with only a cat for company), I decided to seek out a voluntary role that would make use of my skills. Quite fortuitously I found an ad on do-it.org for a press and publicity assistant at Lauderdale House – and I’ve been a fixture here ever since.

‘I help Katherine out in any wordy, journalistic way I can – writing press releases about the amazing events here, proof-reading brochures and mailing our loyal band of supporters as well as general admin, providing hands-on help at events and crucially, brewing the morning coffee. I actively look forward to my weekly sojourn in Highgate and try to organise my work around it. As well as amassing some great skills, I’ve met lots of interesting people and made some enduring friendships. Being here has even inspired some ideas for my freelance work - so it's a symbiotic thing; I put a lot in to Lauderdale, but equally I get lots out of it too. Everyone here is full of energy and incredibly passionate about what they do and it’s rubbed off on me too – I’m constantly urging friends and anyone who will listen to stop by and take a peek at the latest exhibition or show.

‘Lauderdale House is a real hidden gem, and although part of me selfishly wants to keep it that way, I am focused on raising its profile. I feel exceptionally proud to be a part of its continuing success.’