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Chantal's experience of volunteering at Lauderdale

'Volunteering at Lauderdale House these past five months has been a great experience for me, and has provided me with a great number of skills and opportunities. When I first arrived I had only just moved to the area, but everyone has been extremely warm and friendly.

'When I first arrived I worked on the reception desk one day a week, answering the phones, helping with mailing brochures and leaflets for the upcoming season at the House, and serving as a first point of call for visitors to the House. I've helped out with children’s activities, for instance Lauderdale's annual egg rolling contest and school activities, making drawings in the park, as well as documenting the day by taking photos. I helped with the annual photo competition, working all the way through the process from registering the applicants, to displaying the photos for the panel to judge, being on side when the judges were making their decision and packing the photographs at the end of the exhibition to give back to the photographers.

'Through recommendations by the director of the Lauderdale I have worked on other projects in London. I helped Opera UK in their production of The Barber of Seville at the Bloomsbury Theatre, before they packed up on their tour for Ireland. And I have just finished working with Veni Vidi Theatre Company, on their production of Much Ado about Nothing, which was performed in the grounds of Lauderdale House. I worked as the assistant stage manager, where my role included researching the period in which we set the play (1918-1920’s, just after WW1), ensuring that the set was built, that we had all the props needed, and wanted, by the director, sitting in on rehearsals and prompting the actors; then during the show along with the other stage managers we set up the set, chairs for the audiences, ensured the actors had all their props and managed to changed their costumes in time amongst other things. It was great fun to work on, and I made good friends in the process.

'At a time when finding a good full-time job is not easy for graduates, it has been wonderful that I could gain skills through volunteering. I thoroughly recommend that if any graduates can’t find work, not to despair but go out and volunteer. Come to Lauderdale House, or if that’s too far, go to a local charity, its great experience, you meet lots of great people, and you gain skills that will look great on your CV.

'I have enjoyed all aspects of working here, but I loved working on marketing. I went around North London handing out leaflets to local libraries, schools and theatres advertising events at Lauderdale. I also helped out with the stall at the local Highgate Fair, researching the area for the kids to go on an activity hunt and standing at the stall advertising the House. I have enjoyed making posters for the House and setting up the Facebook page, and feel so proud that we now have 130 friends, and hope to continue to gain more, helping to promote the House through the medium of Facebook.

'Since I have been here I have learnt reception skills, set up the Facebook page encouraging both members of the public and contacting the artists who perform here. I have stewarded events, which meant I was in charge of setting up for the performance, ensuring the artists were set up, the public knew where to go, serve drinks, and locking up at the end of the night. Oh not to forgot putting away all this chairs, not a light job, but I soon picked up speed.'