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Lauderdale House
photo of Lauderdale picnic

Haden's experience of volunteering at Lauderdale

When you've been unemployed for a while, and some well-meaning adviser suggests voluntary work, it's easy to regard the idea of working for nothing as being a joke in rather poor taste, particularly if you're on the rebound from a bad experience with a previous employer. You think, "Why should I put up with all that  **** again and not get paid for it ?"


That was how I felt, and I passed the gates of Lauderdale House dozens of times before curiosity and boredom got the better of me and I ventured in. From the other side of the railings, I had always imagined a rather snooty, refined atmosphere with prohibitory notices everywhere and a hushed atmosphere. (How wrong can you be!)


From the outset, I found it very friendly and relaxed, with plenty to do. Lauderdale House relies quite heavily on its volunteer force so you'll find that you are very much part of the team who make the place work, not just a supernumerary. The House is open most of the week as an exhibition space and for a wide variety of classes ,workshops and performances, which makes the role of gallery attendant/receptionist probably the best way to learn what goes on here, as you are the first point of contact for personal visitors and telephone enquiries.


A lot goes on in the admin. office that would  probably drive most organisational theorists to drink or early retirement but, with your help, the job gets done in refreshingly bohemian style and everything's always "alright on the night".


The most important point is that here, your contribution is valued and appreciated, and you are respected as an individual, unlike some "employers" who clearly picked their 'Investors In People' awards out of a skip.


If you're a victim of enforced leisure time, consider lending a hand at Lauderdale House - and enjoy it while you can, because once you're back in the rat race, counting your money and tampering with the boss's brakes, you'll miss this place and the people who work in it. I know I will.