How You Benefit From Lauderdale Transformed

The completion of the Lauderdale Transformed building project will:


Transform your experience every time you walk through the door by making the galleries, access, toilets, café and other facilities much better


Give you more opportunities to enjoy arts and culture by enabling us to use more of the building more of the time


Secure the survival of this historic Tudor house for future generations by enabling us to earn enough income through increased use without being dependent on grants


Reveal the colourful stories of our historic visitors and residents by creating a ‘Window to our Past’


Mean more people can enjoy all our galleries thanks to the introduction of a lift and baby change/disabled toilets


By helping us, you will become part of our history, in the house where:


- Charles 2nd’s mistress Nell Gwynn dangled her baby out of the window

- Shoes, candlesticks and chickens were bricked into the fireplace for luck

- John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, preached to full houses

- Samuel Pepys winced at the violin playing at dinner with Lord Lauderdale